The Marietta Street Artery Association

The next 10 years is going to bring incredable growth and development to this area of Atlanta - Use your talents and energy to make a difference between a scanky area or one where people see a grander urbanist vision.

Thursday, November 18, 1999 Marietta Street Artery Association Neighborhood Reception at Nexus Art Center.

Minutes of Tuesday, May 4, 1999 Marietta Street Artery Association Meeting.

The Marietta Street Artery Association is a neighborhood organization of residents, business owners, and property owners whose mission is:

1) to establish an identity for the neighborhood as an arts, entertainment, residential, and creative services district;
2) to increase the safety and viability of the neighborhood;
3) to promote interaction of residents and businesses and;
4) to speak with a unified voice on matters that concern the neighborhood.

W e started as an informal association of businesses and property developers around 1994. When we began, we were not so much a neighborhood as a group of people interested in an area we thought had exciting potential for residents of converted industrial buildings, arts organizations, established businesses, creative services, and "industries of the mind." We could not predict what has happened, but perhaps we have had some positive impact upon the development of our neighborhood and its evolving identity as an eclectic blend of arts, neighbors, and industry.

While we are slightly more organized, we want to remain an informal forum for discussion of neighborhood issues as we continue to establish an identity as a rapidly changing and exciting part of downtown Atlanta. We need your participation.

Areas in which we have made progress are crime, the perception of the neighborhood, identification of problem areas, and establishing channels of communication between our organization and Neighborhood Planning Units, City Council, Zone Five Police, the Mayor's Office, the Downtown Neighborhood Association, the Fairlie-Poplar Task Force, the Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce, the Ambassador Force, C.O.P.A., and other organizations whose goals overlap our own.

Some issues which have been discussed as action items for next year:

1) Streetscape improvements along Marietta Street.
2) Enforcement of lower speed limits on Marietta Street.
3) Attracting new residents and businesses to our organization and using your ideas and energy to make a difference.