November 18, 1999


Great Film and Art Exhibits provided most generously by:
Food provided most generously by : Mondo, Somber Reptile, and Wing Zone

Food, drink, art and a promise of interesting company drew about 110 people, filling the halls of Nexus with urban pioneers celebrating this very interesting region of Atlanta. The exhibit "Our House to Your House" and a history of film dealing with concepts of home from the 1920's until modern day was captivating and provocative.

FROM THE WEBMASTER : Thanks for all the information given by business's to update this site and record the Artery region as it grows into a future form.All information about this part of Atlanta is welcome, historical or recent. It will be interesting to observe over the years if accessibility to the Artery's rich history and commercial makeup will aid future redevelopment. It is also hoped that in 10 years or so the information gradually gathered at this site will be helpful in the study of urban patterns and growth. Along with all that, this site is simultaneously serving as a design and writing portfolio for admittance into Georgia Techs Masters Program of Information Design in Fall '00 where this webmaster wants to learn to design multimedia CDs that interactively educate about the intermeshing histories of music, dance, architecture, fashion, art, political expressions, etc..