President :
Bill Gould - Allied Factory Warehouse #2 (mid Artery)
500 Means Street, Atlanta, Georgia 30318
Phone/ Fax (404) 521-0957

President :
Rhodes Perdue - Hastings Seed Factory (lower Artery)
434 Marietta Street, NW
Atlanta, Georgia 30313 Office (404) 577-7168

Official upper Artery Spokesperson:
King Shaw - King Plow Arts Center & King Plow New Development
887 W. Marietta Street, Studio N-102 Atlanta, Georgia 30318
Office (404) 885-9933 , V-Mail (404) 697-2473 , FAX (770) 998-1007

Note the nice subtle sparkle of a trash free Marietta Street !

The " get rid of visual pollution walk" organized by Rhodes Purdue was Wednesday, May 19. In about 2 hours, 3 1/2 people gave Marietta Street a little gleam for the 1999 Tour of Lofts coming up this weekend.

Rhodes Purdue, Bill Gould and Frances Hamilton started out at the World Congress Center and worked their way to the mid Artery where Grover Sterling noticed them wandering by and served his award winning home made beer (4th place in the Sam Adams beer competition-a delightful beer). Grover then decided to join with some fancy trash picking up equipment and the party worked their way to Means Street. The detrashers then drank some beer at the Somber Reptile to top off a job well done.

Tuesday, May 4, 1999 - MARIETTA STREET ARTERY ASSOCIATION - Meeting Highlights

5:00 - Food Studio, King Plow Arts Center
5:30 - Meeting in King Plow Main Gallery Space



hodes Perdue talked about visual pollution and general security measures. Here are some general guide lines:
1 .Dail 911 if you see any illegal behavior such as graffiti artists defacing buildings, public drunkenness, violent behavior, vagrants stripping copper and other valuable metals, etc. Making these calls is our strongest weapon and eventually these calls will add up and get attention. Most of these street people are harmless but if their behavior becomes a public nuisance it's a good thing to have a repeat record of this behavior in our defense.
2. Take a picture if possible to intimidate the perpetrater as well as for identification of the person and overall proof that the event occurred.
3. Rhodes is also organizing a " get rid of ugly graffiti and other visual pollution walk" before the Tour of Lofts (May 22-23 given by Central Atlanta Progress and Atlanta Downtown Partnership.) Call Rhodes at (404) 577-7168 to sign up.
4.Something everyone can do on a continuing basis is to pull down all the illegal advertising signs people put up around the Artery on telephone poles etc.

The Atlanta Ambassadors are going to extend their reach up Marietta Street to Northside Drive . These people do everything from cleaning up graffiti and trash, to giving bus passes to vagrants, to generally making sure the street are safe.

Bill Gould has been helping organize the 1999 Tour of Lofts May 22-23 given by Central Atlanta Progress and Atlanta Downtown Partnership.This year the lofts on tour are in the Artery, Castleberry Hill and Farlie-Poplar. There will be a bus shuttle system for partakers. Call 404-658-1877 or Bill Gould for advance information and tickets.

Grover Sterling reported two chronic problems in the mid Artery :
1. The CSX line dumps their trash continually at night on the railway right-of-way. One solution Glover has used is to take infrared quick-time videos of this event and and then e-mail it to the Director/ Service Line Administrator David W Engoldsby. (E-mail : or voice at 404.350.5377.)
2. Another problem Grover reported was that the Salvation Army dumps the grease from their mobile feeding units on Parker Street behind the Salvation Army Building. Since the City of Atlanta will not be happy with these unsanitary arrangements it was decided to call The City of Atlanta Sanitary Services at 404-330-6236 and leave multiple messages.

King Shaw talked Historic District development in the Artery:

Two Historic Districts are up for nomination - Advantages include tax abatements and anti-adult entertainment zoning.
1. Means Street Area(mid Artery - for more info. talk to Pres. Bill Gould).
2. King Plow Area (upper Artery) : King Shaw has been organizing this district to include King Plow Arts Center, Black Bear Brewery/Ashby Street Trolley Barn (16 work-live units, 80 % leased), Puritan Chemical Company (soon to arrive 150 apartments + community space ) , Murrays Mill, White Provision Company, Mead Company Buildings, 949 & 959 W. Marietta Street buildings + some empty lots at 988 and 978 and some properties owned by Richard Martin. In the year 2000 - at least 200 new loft units will open up in this soon to be Historic District. The Atlanta Community Food Bank Warehouse is being rehabilitated and the Mead buildings will have pedestrian cut throughs.

We should hear back from the National Register in a few months for The King Plow Area and around January 2000 for The Means Street Area.

Other developments in the Artery reported at the meeting :

1.Winter Properties is expanding The Carriage Works. In partnership with Allen Schulman this expansion will include The Dux (tobacco) Mixture Hardware Building and the Ruben & Ruben Body Shop Property (original carriage shop). There are plans to construct a barrier to keep the homeless living under the Bankhead Bridge from harassing leasees. The health department reports many of these people are HIV positive from drug abuse.

2. Cool Corners Cuban Sandwich shop may grace what used to be the Pizza Pit Stop in the mid Artery if Allen Schulman can lure them over from their present location on 14th Street.

3. Techwood

4. Northyards Business Park (Coca-Cola)

5. Tucker-Mott development

6.Richard Martin Properties

The Web Site has received several offers for some high-tech manipulations. One idea is to take Grover Sterling and his video camera on a Bill Gould railroad track tour of the Marietta Artery. We will film this in quick-time video and put it on the web site so people can see this side of the artery - probably the nicest view in terms of historic architectural fabric.
George Domurot of BOX DEVELOPMENT and BOX OFFICE TICKETS (404-892-6560 x103) located in the King Plow Arts Center has also offered their web site development expertise. Additionally, this outfit is getting a T-1 server in June and has offered the MSSA site space as a public service.

Team leaders will be selected from each building and/or area. These people will recieve a flyer, make copies and post them through-out their building/area when-ever there is a meeting to be announced.

The BW3 location is going to taken over by a group of architects.

Two Art Students are having an Art Opening with the most out-rageous vegetarian food you'll ever taste on June 18th from 6-9 at the Giant Lofts, unit 206.