Mr. Michael Dobbins
Commissioner Planning, Development and Neighborhood Conservation
City Hall
55 Trinity Avenue
SW Atlanta, GA 30335


Dear Commissioner Dobbins :

July 31, 2000

It has come to our attention that a large oak was cut down in the process of developing the property at the corner of Northside and Marietta. While we are not clear on all the details, apparently this tree was destroyed improperly. As a representative of the Marietta Street Artery Association I object to any violations of ordinances which diminish the quality of life in our neighborhood. As a developer, I know there are regulations concerning trees which must be adhered to in permitting and developing property.

We believe the responsible party should be held accountable. We also believe the authorities involved should be creative in their approach to any settlement or remedial action, so that the neighborhood stands to benefit.

We encourage the type of development which is taking place on this site, and we hope a solution which has a net positive effect on the neighborhood is appropriate and forthcoming,


Rhodes Perdue



Mr- Frank Mobley, Senior Aborist, City of Atlanta

Mr. Norman Koplan, Commissioner, Department of Public Works

Ms. Marcia Bansley Executive Director, Trees Atlanta