September 28, 2000

Mr. Randal Lautzenheiser, Chairman Neighborhood
Planning Unit E

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Dear Mr. Chairman,

This letter represents the official position of the MARIETTA STREET ARTERY ASSOCIATION (MSAA) in regards to application V-00-284 referencing the Winter Properties, Inc. request for a special exception for parking reduction and off-site parking. The MSAA conducted two public meetings with the developers in which a majority of Means Street property owners were present.

The overwhelming consensus of the community was that the area presently suffers from a severe parking shortage resulting in significant life-safety issues on Means street. Among the contributing causes, the deficiency of 105 spaces previously granted by variance to Winter's 512 Means street property was identified.

As originally requested, the new variance of 75 spaces would result in a net shortage of 180 parking spaces in what is essentially an isolated side street with finite opportunities for off-site parking. The MSAA strongly opposes a variance request of this magnitude.

We are pleased to report, however, that after extensive discussion of community concerns, Winter Properties has presented a revised plan which offers a reasonable compromise. This new plan, coupled with certain assurances from the developers, has cleared the way for the MSAA to offer our support to the project.

The details of the revised plan are as follows:

1. The new building size will be reduced by 15,000 SF and an additional 17 parking spaces will be created along the proposed park area, resulting in a variance requirement of only 8 parking spaces.

2.The special exception, to allow 124 spaces to be provided on the specific off-site location (adjacent to 600 Means st.), is supported by the MSAA assuming that documentation of perpetual easement rites is established and that a guarantee for the permanent allocation of the spaces for such purpose is provided in the variance.

3. All surface parking not in controlled access areas will be designated and enforced as visitor parking only, including the 17 newly proposed spaces.

4. A specific revised site plan will be submitted to NPU-E clearly designating all agreed upon parking components. Such plan shall be attached to and made part of all variance documents. (copy attached)

5. New building leases for all properties from 512 thru 600 Means street will specify parking restrictions of 3.2 spaces per 1000 rentable SF. It shall be understood that this is an overall site ratio and that parking may be apportioned to individual tenants on a basis other than pro rata so long as the overall ratio for the entire site does not exceed 3.2 spaces per 1000 RSF. Passes will be issued and required for tenants to park on-site.

6. Winter Properties will allocate the necessary time and cooperation to help develop and implement, in conjunction with the neighborhood and the City of Atlanta, a new strategy for parking enforcement and traffic management in the Means Street Historic District. Specific goals identified include new signage for no parking areas and the possible reinstatement of a traffic light at the intersection of Bankhead Hwy and Marietta street.

The MSAA wishes to commend Winter Properties for acknowledging the oversight in not initially communicating with community representatives, and for their genuine effort to now incorporate neighborhood concerns into their development plans.

We respectfully request, from the NPU-E board and Land Use committee, some guidance and assistance in structuring the appropriate language to draft a variance with stipulations which will serve to both enable the developers plans and protect the interests of the community at large.


Bill Gould



Grant Grimes, V.P. Development, Winter Properties

Rhodes Purdue, Co-President, MSAA