Marietta Street Artery Association

Meeting Minutes 16May2001



·          Wilma Sothern of Central Atlanta Progress announced Ambassador  Force covering Castleberry, Fairlie Poplar and Artery up to North Ave.

·          Annual Artery CleanUp 15May01 was a success with a turnout of 15 members cleaning the streets with help from the Ambassadors and community service workers.

·          Antoinette Cummings of Keep Atlanta Beautiful (City of Atlanta) circulated brochures (404) 330-6972.

·          Bill Gould announced Neighborhood bounds defined and submitted to city.

·          Bill Gould also announced $500 donation from Central Atlanta Progress

·          Bill Gould also announced several contributions from individuals ($10) and businesses ($25).

·          Wilma announced Downtown Live Loft Tour 19-20May01 tickets available for $10.00

·          NPU-E meetings- Midtown-1st  Wed of the month at Peachtree Library – Curt Flaherty & Bill Gould.

·          Curt discussed pending Murphy Dairy project.

·          Bill announced MSAA participation in Home Park Master Planning process.


SPECIAL GUESTS: Shay Brown, Resident Vice President-CSX TRANSPORTATION

                                       Joel Harrell, Division Supervisor NORFOLK SOUTHERN RAILROAD

·          Lively discussion regarding railroad lines: These guys are having a difficult time viewing the Artery as a residential area. “Old habits die hard” and” it’s going to take time” were some statements issued.

·          Several facts :

1.    There are over 100 train movements a day.

2.    The train speed limit in urban areas is 25 mph.

3.    A train moving at 25 mph require ¾ of a mile to stop.

4.    Lots of noise (that residents are used to)-horns blowing, engines, and wheels hitting seams.

5.    There are hobo web sites where hobo tagging can be deciphered.

6.    Railroad runoff includes oil, grease and other toxins.

7.    “Operation Life Saver” was enacted in 1973 for human safety and trespassing infringements.

·          Contact Info :

CSX Police: 1-800-232-0144

Norfolk Southern Police: 1-800-453-2530

(when reporting problems the following NS mileage markers would be helpful: Northside Drive-150-H, Bankhead Ave.-151-H, North Ave.-151.5H)…email: for Norfolk Southern Environmental issues, clean-up , what trains are carrying etc.



·          Warehouse Night Club near Pioneer Neon

·          Benz Connection-illegal camping

·          Junk Cars

·          Fire Hydrants missing

·          Traffic Light at Marietta Street & Bankhead Avenue

·          Property Tax increase – if you want to resist see Grover.

·          Jones/Marietta Street-trash & illegal camping


Thanks was offered to Rubin and Frank of THE LIBRARY for hosting & catering the meeting

and offering space for future meetings.


NEXT Quarterly Meeting Scheduled WEDNESDAY AUGUST 15, 2001 at 6:00pm at 800 Marietta Street.