Marietta Street Artery Association






Leslie M. Saunders, Director of Capitol Planning, Georgia Institute of Technology

-         Presented full scope of Georgia Tech’s campus master plan created in 1995 with planned expansion in all directions into 10 million square feet of building space and 800 million dollars with which to implement the expansion plans.

-         Tech plans to close Tech Parkway and incorporate it as part of the campus gaining approx. 350-375 acres. Existing traffic will be routed through Wallace Street to Marietta Street. To provide an outlet from the school Ferst Street will be lengthened to extend out to Marietta Street

-         Tech plans to create a landscaped boulevard out of Marietta Street…if there is a widening of Marietta Street, Georgia Tech and the City of Atlanta would cooperate with the property owners on the street…Mr. Saunders acknowledged that the east side (where Georgia Tech has acquired properties) has more room to widen than the west side of the street.

-         Mr. Saunders thanked us for the opportunity to present and encouraged us to stay involved and visit their website at for updates

-         Another opportunity to communicate with Georgia Tech is through the continued participation in NPU-E. Their representative is Scott Levetan.




Frances Hamilton – WebMaster

-         If anyone has photos and historical information for properties which they would like posted to the Artery’s website ( email info to

-         Prints of the Artery’s buildings and borders are available…to order send an email requesting the number of copies to Frances will send a plot file to Imaging Technologies (1117 West Peachtree 404-873-5911)  where the posters will be printed and can be picked up for $1.80 each.

Curt Flaherty - Development Committee

-         Curt Flaherty and Bill Gould attend the NPU-E (Neighborhood Planning Unit, Area E) meetings every first Wednesday of each month at 7:00pm at the Peachtree Public Library, located at 1315 Peachtree Street across the street from the High Museum of Art. Meetings are open to the public.

Max White - Chief Staff Officer

-         The Artery is open to the public…mostly comprised of residents, businesses and property owners along the corridor. It is open to anyone who is interested in the area. We have 90 registered members in the Artery.

-         Currently, there are 18 contributing members. The suggested annual contribution of $25 for a business or $10 for an individual is payable to Marietta Street Artery Association and may be forwarded to:

MSAA Operating Fund

500 Means Street, NW

Studio P

Atlanta, GA 30318

Rhodes Purdue - Vice-President

-     Northyards is a development of 256,000+ square feet of commercial space. The buildings of RR engine roundhouses are being readapted and a nomination to the National Register is pending. After the parking lots are done take a look around!

Grover Sterling & Bill Gould- Co-Presidents

-         CSX Rrailroad who attended our last general meeting has been unresponsive to some environmental issues in the area. The Georgia Environmental Protection Division has stepped in to assist us with CSX.

-         Progress report on trees and greenscapes in the area of Means Street: a tree was mysteriously cut down near Nexus Art Center and needs replacement.

-         There have been some concerns regarding events hosted by The Atlanta Contemporary Arts Center which have closed the public streets, blocked residents access to their homes and left trash and debris strewn across public and private property.  A meeting with The Contemporary has been proposed.

-         The Means Street area has been named as a Historic District by The National Register (nomination records available at The Georgia Historic Preservation Department of Natural Resources).



Proposal for Alta West Mixed-Use Residential/Commercial Enterprise Zone

Bill Bollwerk of Wood Partners, LLC

-         Presentation of the Murphy Dairies development planned on Howell Mill Road between 8th and 9th Streets.

-         265 residential units are planned in a 5 story building above 1 story of retail. There will be 10,000 sf of retail and 11 work-live units. 20% will be affordable housing. Concrete construction was mentioned although no building elevations were available to evaluate the visual impact.

-         They have already been before the NPU-E and Home Park and won approval for the plan.

-         Ground breaking is planned for Dec. 6 and Surber Barber Choate and Hertlein is the Architect.

-         Curt Flaherty brought up a question raised at NPU-E over whether the project required the tax breaks associated with the Enterprise Zone in order to be viable. Wood Partners explained that in the increasingly tight market the Interprise Zone status will give 5 years of no taxes, no impact fees, 5 years of 20% increases and on the 11th year pay taxes in full.

-         The MSAA voted by show of hands in favor of supporting the projects requested status.





v     Next general meeting is scheduled for November 14, 2001 at 6:00pm (location TBA)

      The next general election for 2002 officers is scheduled for the November meeting..


  1. ADJOURNMENT TO The Library Grill & Bar

Thank you to the Library Grill & Bar at 800 Marietta Street for hosting us after the meeting.