December 19, 2001

Dear friends and neighbors of the Marietta Street Artery,

As the year comes to a close, I would like to offer thanks to the individuals who have generously contributed their time and energy to the Marietta Street Artery Association.

Specifically, my fellow executive board members; Co-president Grover Sterling, Vice-president Rhodes Perdue, Chief Staff Officer- Efrosini “Max” White, Web Master Frances Hamilton and NPU representative Curt Flaherty, are due a great deal of gratitude for their continuing efforts to protect and promote a high quality of life in our community.

While the MSAA continues to evolve and strengthen, we still have much to achieve.

I have great confidence that our new Board Members, Co-presidents Rob Levin & Curt Flaherty, Vice-president Jonathan Sommers and Chief Staff Officer Max White, will bring new energy and enthusiasm to the Association.  To them I leave my “wish list” for the New Year:

  • That we reach out to all residents, loft, business and property owners, institutions and employees and encourage them to join our Association and help shape the future of our community.
  • That we continue to foster our relationship with GA TECH and gain a more active participation in their Master Planning process.
  • That we maintain our relationship with HOME PARK and further contribute to their ambitious Master Plan.
  • That we take an active role in the Northwest Community Alliance for the betterment of all our neighborhoods.
  • That we build on our relationship with CSX and NORFOLK SOUTHERN Railroads and demand respect for our community.
  • That we seek greater resident participation in the Development Committee and provide a stable forum for the careful review of all new development projects.
  • That we speak out to our elected officials and work to improve the level of services and infrastructure within The Artery.
  • That we develop and implement a series of special events to increase the profile of The Artery as the important, vibrant, progressive, historic district that it is.

                                                       (DREAM LIST)

  • That we propose the re-instatement of electric trolley service down Marietta Street, from Centennial Olympic Park to King Plow and down Howell Mill to the Westside Designers District and on to the edge of Atlantic Station.
  •  That we propose a shared right-of way with the railroads to allow for a walking/cycling trail along the Historic facades of our neighborhood, weaving together the new Westside developments, the satellite loft communities and the Central Business District.
  • That we work with the city and private developers to re-claim more idle industrial land along the Artery as recreational green space, the Central Metals site for example.
  • That we as a community and we as a people strive ever closer to Peace On Earth and good will towards Earth and all living things.


Best Wishes for the Holidays and the New Year.


Bill Gould, Co-president