Marietta Street Artery Association


Thank you to ALAN JOEL PARTNERS who hosted our meeting today.



Scheduled for Tuesday, May 14th…meet by 5:30 in parking lot of The Library Grill & Bar, 800 Marietta Street

We will be walking and driving the streets, weeding along sidewalks, picking up trash and removing graffiti. Wear light colored clothing and feel free to bring work gloves, trash bags, weed whackers, etc. Rhodes Perdue and Bill Gould will supply pick-up trucks for transportation and hauling, Giant Lofts will provide dumpster use and The Library is graciously supplying after work refreshments. The Downtown Ambassador Force will also be contributing to our efforts during the week. If you are unable to participate on Tuesday, please take some action on your own before the 1,000+ visitors descend on our neighborhood on May 17-19!  Here are a few suggestions:  * Weed and sweep the sidewalk and curb in front of your home or business  * Pick-up trash and remove illegal signs from light poles  * Report missing road signs to the City (404-330-6589)  * Report street light problems to GA POWER (888-660-5890)  * Call owners of unkempt properties and offer to help  * Plant something  * Fly the ARTERY banner if you have one!


7th Annual DOWNTOWN TOUR of LOFTS & LIFESTYLES…May 18 & 19

Presented by Bill Gould of Central Atlanta Progress and the Atlanta Downtown Improvement District

The Downtown Tour of Lofts & Lifestyles is a self-guided tour of approximately 25 of Downtown's most unique residential properties including lofts, condominiums, live-in workspaces and apartments. The 2002 Downtown Tour of Lofts and Lifestyles will focus primarily on properties in the Fairlie-Poplar Historic District, Castleberry Hill, the Marietta Street Artery and the Sweet Auburn Neighborhood.


MARKET ON MEANS STREET at 600 Means Street…May 17, 18 & 19

Presented by Marlo Klorfein of The Market and Bob Silverman & Julie Mejia of Winter Properties

Our tent and warehouse space is filled with hand-selected antiques, art, accessories for the person and the home and eccentricities from around the world. Enjoy our fresh flower and organic markets…grab a baguette and a latte and drink in Atlanta’s only urban market experience.



This event in the Fairlie-Poplar district includes live entertainment, an artist market and children's activities.


ALTA WEST formerly known as Murphy Dairy Lofts

Presented by Bill Bollwerk, Wood Partners and Dennis Hertlein, Surber Barber Choate & Hertlein Architects

Under construction at Howell Mill Road & 11th Street with 265 apartment units to be completed March 2003.

An innovative and flexible concrete ‘Outinard’ cast-in-place construction is to be utilized. In keeping with the neighborhood’s industrial character, the floors, walls and ceilings separating the individual units will be concrete. This method of construction allows units to have high ceilings common to buildings indigenous to the Artery. Of the 265 units, 50 will be for incomes $45,000 and below, in keeping with the empowerment zone tax abatement.


RAIL EVENTS Presented by Mike Boles of MB1 Motoring

Event spaces up to 14,200 square feet currently proposed at Brady Ave & 10th Street to open in 6months. Mike is also owner of the old grave monuments and casket company, now a luxury used car dealership.


ENDENU Presented by Shana Byrd

New restaurant at 393 Marietta Street (formerly Level 2) plans to open by end of June. The Artery approved the requested liquor license. There will also be jazz and fashion show venues at the location.



Suggested Contribution of $25 per business and $10 per individual

Payable to Marietta Street Artery & mail to Curt Flaherty, 818 Marietta Street, NW, Atlanta GA  30318



August 14, 2002 6:00pm at Puritan Mill across from King Plow Arts Center at 916 Lowery (Ashby) Street.

Feel free to join PURITAN MILL’S GRAND OPENING on Wednesday, May 22nd 6:00-9:00pm

To include an agenda item for the next general meeting, please contact:

Rob Levin: or 404-681-0909 OR Curt Flaherty: or 404- 881-8370