November 25, 2002

Dear Artery Neighbors:

This past year has been an exciting one for the Artery. We learned about the plans for residential development at the Central Metals site, watched the groundbreaking and early construction of the Alta West development on Howell Mill Road, witnessed the opening of the Puritan Mill complex and the quarterly Markets on Means Street, welcomed new residential and business neighbors, and strengthened our relationships with Home Park, Georgia Tech, the Northwest Community Alliance, and the Downtown Neighborhood Association.

We also learned about the relocation of the Georgia Aquarium project from Atlantic Station to the Coca Cola site on our south side, the possible relocation of the World of Coke to an adjacent site, and the continued expansion of the Georgia Tech campus as they realize their Master Plan.

I have been humbled by the enthusiasm and motivation displayed by those people who have volunteered their time on behalf of the Artery in 2002. Thanks to my Co-President this past year, Rob Levin, Vice President Jonathan Sommers, Chief Staff Officer Max White, Artery Historian and Webmaster Frances Hamilton, and Land Use Chair Bill Gould. A special thanks to John Reagan, Ed Akins, Eric Brock, Mark Riley, Suzanne Bair, Rob Svedberg, and all of the other folks who have dedicated their biweekly Thursday afternoons to our new Master Plan committee!

Thanks to all who have entrusted me with representing the Artery again in 2003. I will be working with Max White, who will take on the responsibilities of Vice President, and Suzanne Bair, who will serve as Chief Staff Officer. We will be developing strategies to further strengthen the Artery as a neighborhood. We will also keep on the Marcus Foundation and The Coca Cola Company to share their plans for the Aquarium site with us, and to include us in the design process as they move forward. We will increase our neighborhood meetings from four quarterly meetings to six bimonthly meetings in order to meet the demands of a growing Artery.

Please refer to our wonderful website,, to learn more about your neighborhood, upcoming events, and volunteer opportunities. I would ask you all to make an effort to patronize local businesses as they open in the Artery (Endenu Restaurant at 393 Marietta Street, Andiamo Scooters at 814 Marietta Street, Cells Force (Verizon Wireless) at 602 Marietta Street, and McCormick & Schmickís at CNN Center come to mind). Our support will help to provide the growth of Artery-positive businesses and encourage additional small business growth in the Artery.

If you have ideas for improving the Artery in any way, please feel free to contact me at You can also share your ideas with your neighbors at the next Artery meeting, or better yet, join us by volunteering your time at Artery-sponsored events through the year. Participation is the best way to ensure that your neighborhood concerns are addressed and that the Artery remains a vibrant and exciting place to live and work. Iíll hope to hear from you all soon!

Curt Flaherty, President
Marietta Street Artery Association