August 14/2002


Thank you to PURITAN MILL who hosted our meeting.

Let’s keep updated on the planning of the aquarium to be located just east of our border. While the aquarium will increase surrounding land values, it will also increase traffic and parking concerns. It will have 10 times the total water capacity of The Tennessee Aquarium in Chattanooga with the theme The Seven Seas.

Presented by Tim State, President of the Home Park Community Improvement Association and Bill Seay, Chair of the HPCIA Community Planning and Development Committee. Bill and Tim provided us with an overview of their planning process for their neighborhood, Home Park, which is comprised of approximately 600 acres. They emphasized the need for strong community participation. “A master plan does not change a community, people do.” Their original plan began in 1974, died shortly thereafter and had been reincarnated without widespread success 3 times until the latest plan, which began around 1998 and was completed in 2002. This plan is different because of a strong implementation section and resource guide. Enthusiasm within residents has greatly risen as their values regarding the Home Park environment have been prioritized, articulated and communicated graphically. Leverage for implementation has been gained as verbal agreements have been given by City Councilperson Debi Starnes for $350,000.00 and various state representatives for $100,000.00 to be used for improvement of streetscape and quality of life. There is also increased credibility and communication with developers and Georgia Tech. The master plan funding started with the Georgia Conservancy and was further supported by Atlantic Station, Georgia Tech, Turner Broadcasting and the Marcus foundation. One-third of the total funds were given by local businesses.

Presented by John Reagan of Puritan Mill
Our master plan needs volunteers! A core group has formed including Bill Gould, Rhodes Perdue, Frances Hamilton, Mark Riley, John Reagan, Curt Flaherty, Rob Levin & Max White. Ed Akins, Suzanne Bair and Eric Brock volunteered during the meeting. Rob Svedberg is going to begin exploring the resources Georgia Tech may have to offer. For more info, contact Max White at mwhite@advantisgva.com.

Presented by David Baycura of Julian Lecraw & Co.
We approved their application for Enterprise Zone status, which comes before NPU-E next month. They obtained rezoning in May of 2002 and expect to close on the property by the end of the year. They hope to begin construction in the second quarter of 2003. In an effort to accommodate more Georgia Tech students, they may change some of their floorplans to include 4 bedroom units. Lecraw is in the process of securing financing for this $45 million project to build 450 units on 11 acres at the northwest intersection of Marietta Street and Northside Drive, formerly used as Central Metals Recycling.

Thank you to Morton’s Steakhouse & Liz Lapidus Public Relations for providing us with five $50 gift certificates to raffle off to members. Congratulations to the winners: Michael Lott, Maria Mollise & Rob Svedberg, Becky Ollinger, Barry McWhirter and Scott Levitan.  If you were not in attendance and would like to receive your certificate, please call Curt Flaherty at 404-881-8370 so we can get it to you!

Suggested Contribution of $25 per business and $10 per individual. Make checks payable to Marietta Street Artery Association & mail to Curt Flaherty, c/o The Zenner Group, Inc., 818 Marietta St NW, Atlanta GA  30318.

November 13th, 2002  6:00pm, location to be determined. To include an agenda item for the next general meeting, please contact: Rob Levin: rob@bookhouse.net 404-681-0909 OR Curt Flaherty: curt.flaherty@zennergroup.com 404-881-8370.