MSAA March 23rd 2006 Mtg held at The 790 Marietta Street Building


The meeting was held at the newly renovated 790 Marietta Street Building, the triangular shaped building next to the Post Office. Many thanks to Jane Callaway for hosting the meeting, providing refreshments and an incredible skyline view of downtown Atlanta . The building is available for lease or sale. Please contact Max White


The White Provisions Building

Chris Faussemagne and James Brearley of Weaver and Woodbery presented the renovation plans for The White Provisions Building located at the intersection of Howell Mill and 14th Street . The project will include retail as well as 90 residential units. The MSAA land use committee and NPU-E have approved the rezoning of the property to MRC-3, mixed residential commercial. Construction may begin as early as the end of 2006.       


Benefit for The Bridge at Pangaea Restaurant

Butch Raphael, chef and owner of Pangaea Restaurant and Beth Pann, development director for The Bridge, presented information on an evening with The Bridge Dining Club on Tuesday May 9, 2006 . The Bridge Dining Club is a partnership that brings together Atlanta ’s culinary talent in support of The Bridge’s efforts to strengthen youth, reconnect families and build communities.    The event will be held at Pangaea on Huff Road and Pangaea is donating a portion of the dinner proceeds to The Bridge.  Event details along with the unique menu are attached. Reservations are required.

The Bridge has been part of The Westside community for over 36 years and provides therapeutic services to troubled youth and their families.  MSAA is proud to jointly host this event along with The Downtown Neighborhood Association and The Home Park Community Improvement Association. Everyone is welcome to attend. So, please help us spread the word.



Safety and Crime

Officers from Zone 5 discussed the recent rise in crime and January statistics, up 11% from 2005.

(Overall crime in the city of Atlanta is up 3 %.) Major increases for Zone 5-  residential burglaries, up 30 % and theft from motor vehicles, up 44 %.  Please keep valuables out of sight and call 911 if you see anyone suspicious. To see crime stats go to  


Meditation Center

Gen Mondrub along with several other members of the Atlanta Meditation Center informed the group that they are currently looking for a Westside location. The location would include a café. They are also interested in working with the neighborhood to develop a peace garden. For more information go to


Cell Phone Tower

Jeffery Peebles gave an update on the cell phone tower construction behind 490 Marietta Street . The applicant provided incorrect information on their permit application, stating that the structure would be at least 700 ft. from a residential property. Therefore the city has issue a stop work order.


Imagine Downtown

Jennifer Ball of Central Atlanta Progress presented Imagine Downtown, CAP’s blueprint/vision for downtown Atlanta . Go to for details. Phase 2 of the extension of Ivan Allen Blvd , from Luckie Street to Northside Drive was also discussed. The start date of the project has been delayed until sometime this summer. The project will include a new bridge across the railroad tracks and a bike lane.      

CAP is working with PATH to bring bike paths from Tech down Luckie Street and into Centennial Park , and also connecting Freedom Parkway with Centennial Park by creating new bike paths and using existing bike lanes.

The former Traxx Nightclub building and Atlanta New Century School located in the 300 block of Luckie Street , have been sold and are being redeveloped as one parcel. A new condo development called The Atlantis will replace them. It will be L-shaped, mid rise lofts. The Marietta Street side will be in style of Giant and Hastings. While the Luckie Street side will be more steel and glass.


The Contemporary

Rob Smulian, the Executive Director, announced The Contemporary’s plans to apply for a liquor license rather than event permits, for gallery openings and special events. MSAA is supporting their request. Rob also talked about their spring fundraiser on May 20, 2006 . For more information visit


Business-to-Business Committee

To connect with businesses in the Artery, contact Shana Byrd at Endenu, our B2B chair.


Safety Committee

Shirley Hall, our Safety Committee Chair, gave info on the recent shootings at Dancers Elite, which seem internal to the club, according to police. Zone 5  police response time is down to 9 minutes. Speeding along Marietta , specifically between Means Street and Alexander Street , is still a concern. Please call 911 if you see anything suspicious and report all crimes.   


NPU-E/Land Use Updates

Curt Flaherty, VP, Land Use Chair and NPU-E representative

-Fantasy Fare has closed.

-The Uptown Comedy Club, 800 Marietta Street , has encountered a complication in applying for a liquor license. Because the liquor license for the previous tenant, The Library, was revoked last November, a new license can not be issued to that same address for 1 year, as long as the property owner remains the same.   

-Toscano & Sons Italian Market will be opening at Brickworks (across from Octane) this summer. They will sell Italian wine and beer, cheese, etc. MSAA approved their beer wine request at the March Land Use Committee meeting.


Additional information


NPU-M Updates

-Legacy Property Group proposed name change for Thurmond Street to Baker, between Luckie Street and east side of GWCC. The proposal was unanimously approved.

-Proposed street abandonment of Alexander Street NW , between Luckie Street and Marietta Street . The proposal was unanimously approved.


Northside Community Alliance Updates   

Presentation by Atlanta Fire Chief Dennis L. Rubin on ACERT, The Atlanta Citizen Emergency Response Team (ACERT). The ACERT training program will prepare thousands of Atlanta residents and workers to take care of themselves for up to 72 hours following a natural disaster or catastrophic event. Team members will learn to apply basic skills to help sustain and save lives until help arrives. The 21 hour training course includes;

                                                Disaster preparedness                  Disaster medical training             CPR

                                                Fire safety                                          Light Search and Rescue

The NCA needs 20 volunteers to schedule a free training session. Please contact Suzanne Bair at if you are interested.  Visit for more info.

Beltline Community Engagement Framework

The Atlanta Development Authority (ADA) has provided all community stakeholders with a toolkit to conduct public workshops in order to gather feedback from the 46 Atlanta neighborhoods impacted by the proposed Beltline. Workshop details will be distributed shortly. For more information regarding The Beltline visit – , , or .  


Bureau of Housing and Code Compliance

Inspects residential and commercial properties and is also responsible for overgrown, littered, vacant lots, junked inoperable vehicles and the graffiti ordinance. They can be contacted between the hours of 8:15 AM and 10:00 AM at 404-330-6131. Or fax violation information to 404-330-7084.     



Good to know…………

City of Atlanta online –

Atlanta Police Department –

Police Zone 1 – 404-799-2487

Police Zone 5 – 404-658-7054

District 2 City Councilmember – Kwanza Hall – 404-330-6038

District 3 City Councilmember – Ivory Young – 404-330-6046   



Thank-you Maria Mollise for taking notes at the meeting!