MSAA May 23rd 2007 Mtg held at The View-King Plow Arts Center
  Thank-you to : The View/ One Stop Productions -King Plow Arts Center
  1. Announcement: June 8th and 9th The Contemporary Art Center Open House
  2. Announcement by John Reed owner of Toscano & Sons of  “Passeggiata” Neighborhood Walk on Thursday May 31st 6PM-9PM-See Flyer
  3. Zone 2 Atlanta City Councilperson Kwanza Hall answered questions about social services, Green Facts and and some interesting news about the granite quarry on West Marietta Blvd. that is to be turned into a park. Here are some facts:
  • 28 million dollars in bonds have been allocated.
  • There are planning studies underway.
  • It will be a secondary reservoir to the ones on Howell Mill.
  • There is a grand park planned although the water area (which is a big granite crater right now) will be fenced in similar to the Howell Mill existing City of Atlanta reservoirs.
  • 1 more year to go before action.
  • The beltway will run through it as a connector.
  1. Jennifer Ball from Central Atlanta Progress-New  SPI-1 Zoning for English Avenue Area. Information found here.
  2. Atlanta Police Department announced Citizens Police Academy 2007 “Why and What Police Officers Do”.
    • In 2006 not enough interest to hold the academy
    • Go here for sign up form
    • Held on Tuesdays 6PM-10PM
    • First class: Communications-Sit with 911 operator
    • Second Class: Ride along with officer, hopefully in your neighborhood
    • Third Class: Fire Arms
    • Fourth Class : K-9s
  1. Vice President Curt Flaherty talked about several new projects getting approvals to start:
  • 905 Marietta Street: (Across the street from M-Street Apartments) Several hundred rental apartments facing the streets and surrounding a garage structure with retail on the lower story. Curt mentioned that apartment complexes are good neighbors because it is in their economic interest to keep their property in good looking condition to attract renters.
  • Huff Road/Foster Street Area:
    a-The Gables Residential Development Company-Several hundred rental apartments to go where the antique shops are now on Foster Street. James says he is giving space to all the dislocated shops.
    b-Brock Built Homes West Town has started moving ground down Huff Road in what was once Bland Town.
    c-M-West Condo Townhomes by Winter Properties are adding a second community adjacent to the first.