MSAA September 13rd 2007 Mtg held at Alan Joel Partners
  Thank-you to : Six Feet Under For GREAT Sandwiches!
    (Thanks to Maria Mollise for taking notes!)
            Legacy Property Group gave a presentation on their projects:
        1.    Cent Park West:
                -Starbucks, Cinnabon and Carvel Ice Cream are now open
             -Pleasant Bistro is opening around Nov. 1 (part of Pleasant Peasant group)
        2.    Garden Inn:
                -Johnny Rockets is opening 1st qtr 08
                -2nd floor will have major restaurant tenant -- to be announced in coming weeks
                -Legacy requested a sign ordinance variance (from 30' height to 42-50' height) -- Artery and our Land Use both approved
                -Skybar restaurant - 2 tenants are interested; should firm up tenant in 60-90 days; helipad still happening
        3.    300 Marietta (old Adidas property):
              -STATS sports restaurant opens around 11-1; operated by Bob Amick; co-branded with 790 Zone; will contain pre-           
              and post game booths ; European beer taps in seated booths; private drinking rooms
               -Asian bistro and wine bar out of Dallas have signed on also 

    GA Tech and Zone 1 Police gave crime reports

    -Zone 1 has been seeing an increase of armed robberies and thefts of copper, aluminum, pieces of a/c units and catalytic converters.The good news is that City Council is on it's 3rd reading of an ordinance making it a violation to be in possession of scrap metal without a permit. Keep an eye out for folks with heavy buggies/carts which may contail scrap metal and call 911.
    -Ga Tech Police have arrest powers within 500' of campus boundaries. Be on the lookout for folks loitering or driving past property several times. Call 404-577-TIPS the Crime Stopper anonymous tip line.
    Oct 21-22 is Castleberry Hill Loft Tour

    1.    Thrive restaurant at Centennial Tower on Marietta Street is now open
    2.    Artery is getting a paypal account on its website for dues payment
    3.    We saw plans for Broadstone West -- 280 new apartments (across from M West) with street level retail; currently in design development; Surber Barber are architects; may break ground Summer 08
    5.    RR Cell Tower Text Amendment -- we lost; city appreciated all of our emails and letters but after some discussion felt that the federal regs superseded :(     
    6. Six Feet Under is now open on 11 Street; They have a meeting/party room and sell party trays. Visit for more info.

    Special thanks to Alan Joel Partners for hosting the September meeting and to Six Feet Under for providing party trays.