WHEN:                      Tuesday, March 27, 2007

TIME:                         7:30 PM

WHERE:                   The Agape Center

                                    2351 Bolton Road, N W

SPONSORS:            NPU – D and the Bureau of Planning      


Jim Martin, Chairperson (404) 351-6949
Charletta Wilson Jacks, Assistant Director (404) 330-6145
Wendy Scruggs-Murray NPU/Citizen Participation Coordinator (404) 330-6899

Karl Smith-Davids, Planner (404) 330-6628


  1. Opening Remarks/Chairperson’s Report
  2. Minutes of Previous Meeting
  3. City Staff Reports                                

§         Police

§         Fire                                                           

§         Public Works

§         City Code Enforcement

§         Department of Watershed Management

§         DA’s office

§         Mayor’s Office of Constituent Services

§         District 9 Council Member Felicia Moore

§         District 5 Commissioner Emma Darnell

§         State Representative Sheila Jones

§         Bolton Academy

§         Parks

§         Planner’s Report


       4.   Presentations:

·         Fulton County Foster Care Recruitment – Guy Nugent

·         Agape Center Community Festival


      5.   Zoning:

            Zoning Review Board                          April 5 or 12, 2007                                            6:00 P.M.

Z-07-09                         1011 Collier Rd.

Applicant, 1011 Collier, LLC, seeks to rezone from I-1 (light Industrial) R-4 (Single-family Residential) RG-2

(Residential General-Sector -2) to MRC-3 (Mixed Residential Commercial).  This property is located in NPU C and adjacent to NPU D, therefore it is listed for information.           


6.   License Review Board


Business Type

Name of Business



La Cosecha XIII, LLC


La Parilla

1801 Howell Mill Rd. Suite. 420-440

New Business

Ultimate Distributors, Inc.


Ultimate Distributors, Inc.

1376 Hill Place Suite. A

Adding Beer




     7.  Ordinance 07-O-0078 – for information only

An Ordinance by Council member Cleta Winslow to amend chapter 30, articles II, section 30-26  (b) of the City of Atlanta code of ordinances, so that meetings of the License Review Board are  not held During the month of December; and for other purposes.


Ordinance -07-O-0362- for information only

An Ordinance by Councilmember Howard Shook to amend the Tree Protection Ordinance to make numerous changes thereto, including: adding and changing definitions; altering the parking lot requirements; allowing for  tree recompense credit for certain fee simple land contributions to the City; modifying the penalties section of the ordinance; altering the qualifications of who can serve as a Tree Conservation Commission Board Member; providing a monthly honorarium of $75.00 for the Tree Conservation Commission Board members; altering the requirements for who may appeal an Arborist’s decision regarding tree(s) on private property; changing the time limit in which someone can appeal an Arborist’s decision regarding tree(s) on private property; altering the time period during which a person must maintain a newly planted tree; creating a permit that allows removal of one tree per ever five years from certain residential properties with reduce recompense under specific circumstances; and for other purposes


     8.   Adjournment



Text Box: NPU-D VOTING RULES as approved September 2006

NOTE: Eligible Voters (Residents) shall mean any person 18 years of age or older whose primary place of residence is within the neighborhood planning unit, or any corporation, organization, institution or agency which owns property or has a place of business or profession within the NPU. Each resident may hold office in only one NPU. Each resident shall have one vote and shall have the right to exercise that vote on all issues which come before the NPU; provided that an NPU may adopt bylaws calling for representative voting, as long as the adoption and revision of such bylaws is by vote open to all such residents without attendance requirements, dues payments, or any other limitation.  

SECTION 1. No person shall have more than one (1) vote. At the discretion of the presiding officer, any voter may be required to provide information concerning his or her eligibility to vote. 
SECTION 2. All actions of NPU-D shall be decided by majority vote of those eligible voters in attendance at a regularly scheduled NPU-D meeting, except as otherwise provided in the bylaws.  Proxies will not be accepted. The outcome of a vote shall be counted by the Chairperson and confirmed by the Vice Chairperson, or any other Executive Committee Member, or by the City Planner. Written ballots may be utilized at the discretion of the presiding officer. Written ballots may require the voter to provide information regarding his or her eligibility to vote. 
SECTION 3. NPU-D shall afford the first opportunity of making a motion on zoning issues to any member of the affected neighborhood. 
SECTION 4. Anyone with a direct financial interest in a case being voted on must abstain from voting on said case. This does not apply to the bylaws vote, as described in Article III Section 1.

Shirley Franklin, Mayor

Clair Muller (Council District 8 for NPU-D)

Felicia A. Moore (Council District 9 for NPU-D)

At-Large Council Members:

Ceasar C. Mitchell
H. Lamar Willis