new development 07/2007
beginning at the south end and working north then west
Upper Westside Executive Summary
Note: most of the new residential developments are slated to be rental communities aimed at the 20-30 age range and the over-the-kids age range.

Lucky Street, Thurmond and Marietta Street (across from the Aquarium):
Park Pavilion Mixed Use-Hilton Garden Inn, Retail, Restaurant, Parking developed by Legacy Property Group with architecture by Stevens, Wilkinson, Stang and Newdow.

905 Marietta Street:

(Across the street from M-Street Apartments) Several hundred rental apartments facing the streets and surrounding a garage structure with retail on the lower story.

1000 Marietta Street
Midtown West Development


Located at the intersection of Marietta Street NW and Howell Mill Road includes 40,000 SF of adaptive

re-use development consisting of retail, entertainment and commercial uses. Completion date, June 2007.

10th Street, Northside Drive and 11th Street:

A new mid-rise rental project by Atlanta-based real estate developer Tivoli Properties, Inc. is under development by Lord, Aeck & Sargent . Located at the intersection of Northside Drive and 10th Street , Tivoli@Tenth will include 300 residential units and 30,000 SF of retail space. Construction began in December 2006 and is scheduled for completion in spring of 2008.

685 11th Street
Westside Six Feet Under restaurant!

1075 Brady Avenue :
New offices of Menefee-Winer Architects.

1170 Howell Mill Road
White Provision Building Adaptive Reuse

Located at the corner of 14th Street and Howell Mill Road , 380,000 SF mixed-use redevelopment of a historic meat packing building that was constructed in the early 1900's. The project includes 100 residential units, 65,000 SF of office and 95,000 SF of retail. Construction begins spring 2007 with completion planned for summer 2008.

Huff Road/Foster Street/Bland Town Area:
1-The Gables Residential Development Company-Several hundred rental apartments to go where the antique shops are now on Foster Street.
2-Brock Built Homes West Town has started moving ground down Huff Road in what was once Bland Town. These are priced in the 300's up.
3-M-West Condo Townhomes by Winter Properties are adding a second community adjacent to the first
These are priced in the 200's up.
Located on the corner of Marietta Blvd. and Elaine Ave , Phase 1 was completed in 2004 and includes 183 townhomes. Phase 2 is underway and includes 200 additional townhomes.

The Atlanta Beltline:
This future system runs along the western and northern boundary of the Artery near the Howell Station, Huff Road, and Bland Town areas.

The Quarry Park (Old Bellwood Quarry) :

On a bus tour sponsored by the BeltLine this photo of the Quarry Park-to-be was taken.
This Park-to-be is set to be the crowning jewel in the Emerald Necklace of Parks to provide open space in Atlanta, now and for many generations of city dwellers to come. As the area grows and expands as it is doing now, this park will serve the neighborhood as Piedmont Park serves Midtown. This park is under planning by Alexander Garvin & Associates to be developed by the City of Atlanta under the Westside Study Group .

The Quarry Park-to-be is located on West Marietta Street down beyond King Plow and to the west side of the Howell Station neighborhood. The City of Atlanta's investments to fund key BeltLine acquisitions such as the purchase of the Bellwood Quarry now total more than $55 million. The goal of the BeltLine’s Five-Year Plan is 585-625 acres of greenspace and is well on the way to achieving that objective.

The BeltLine will have a station there but in June 2006, as shown in the image above, all it is is a lot of gravel and a cavernous pit. Much of Atlanta was built from concrete made from this gravel in the past by Vulcan Materials.

The big pit will be a future reservoir but will have a fence around it similar to many cities, but not as restrictive as the fence around the Howell Mill City Reservoirs. In June 2006 City employees get quite upset if one tries to enjoy the area around the Howell Mill reservoirs --- their fences are more expansive than most cities and keep the area for 100's of feet around the water totally isolated. This area is quite pleasant to stroll and jog and when the fence is around the water only, as it will be at The Quarry Park, people will be able to start enjoying it--something for the MSAA to work on!