1. Graphics are from various publications in the Exposition Cotton Mills file folder available at the Atlanta History Center.

2. The Atlanta Street Railway Company map was scanned from: - Carson, O.E., The Trolley Titans-A Mobile History of Atlanta ,Glendale California, Interurban Press , 1981. Library of Congress # 388.46. There are several copies of this book in the Fulton County Library's Downtown Branch. (Color and clarification applied by Historian@artery.org.)

3. The text:

a. Gathered from an Atlanta Preservation Tour of Piedmont Park (where the Expositions of 1887 and 1895 were held).Call 404.876.2040 for recorded tour information or visit their web site at www.preserveatlanta.com.

b. Ambrose, Andy and Darlene R. Roth . Metropolitan Frontiers - A Short History of Atlanta . Marietta GA: Longstreet Press INC, 1996.

c. Garrett, Franklin M. . Atlanta and Its Environs, Volume II (1880's-1930's) . Athens GA: University of Georgia Press,1954.

4. Sanborn maps viewed at the Atlanta History Center archives.