Meeting Minutes MSAA Master Plan Commitee

Thursday, Jan 9/2003 25 Puritan Mill 5PM


Topic                                                                      Comments                                                            

Welcome and Updates         Ed Akins               1- We need a Master Plan member to volunteer to take/distribute meeting notes on a regular basis. There were no volunteers.

                                                                                2- Need help to produce drawings to document the existing data we have compiled. Micro station experience is a must. Eric Brock offered to look into taking on some of this work. Still need additional help.

 Frances Hamilton                Bill Gould             Frances will be moving to Florida on Saturday.

BFI                                         Suzanne Bair       Jerry Riley provided a Q&A recap from the members of NPU J&K to BFI.  According to Abbey Maloney at BFI, the traffic study will begin next week. She will continue to keep us advised.

MSAA upcoming                 Suzanne Bair       We made adjustments and comments to the first draft of the recruitment package.

Meeting and recruitment                                   Members volunteered to do the following;

Ed – Provide graphics and overview letter on the Master Plan

Curt – Write welcome letter with 2003 goal.

Bill – Forward MSAA mission statement

Michael – Once the information is collected (Suzanne) and approved (group) help with the formatti

Suzanne – Print finished product on heavy colored card stock.

The following members volunteered to distribute the packages to residence and businesses in the areas noted;

Ed and Suzanne – Gasket Lofts and south, Westside shops

Curt – Fantasy Club to Northside

Max – King Plow

Anyone interested in covering additional areas, please contact Suzanne. 

 The package will also be sent out as part of the e-mail invitation to the MSAA meeting on 1/29, with a request to “spread the word”.


LCI application  Stan Harvey/         Livable Communities Initiatives – Unfortunately, the deadline for applications for 2003 was November 

Urban Collage 2002. There is still one million $$ available in each of the next two years.  Stan felt that if theBeltline becomes a reality that we would have an excellent shot at receiving a grant. Without the Beltline, it may be a long shot.  501C3 status is imperitive.

The Georgia Aquarium may have applied for an LCI grant.

Stan recommended that we look into applying for additional funds, such as the Atlanta Neighborhood Development Partnership (ANDP) and the Browns Fund. (Margaret Shulke is the ANDP is the director.)

The other recommendation from Stan is that we become very explicit and specific as to our main goals, i.e.,development standards, streetscapes, housing development. Then we need to put a package together that represents our vision. The next step is to secure seed money from local businesses/institutions to show that we have their support. He also recommended Elka Davidson, a consultant on city planning. There were lots of comments made by the group during this discussion. My notes get kind of sketchy here and I apologize that I did not get them all written down.


Tentative Agenda for next meeting:               

Light rail initiative/GT/Fund raising/ Recruitment/Documentation/Contemporary/Image/PATH