Meeting Minutes MSAA Master Plan Commitee

Thursday, Jan 23/2003 25 Puritan Mill 5PM


Welcome Back and Updates              Ed Akins                Suzanne will get a list of “Volunteers Needed” to Ed and Curt for approval. List to be posted at the MSAA 1/29 meeting. BFI traffic impact study is underway. Suzanne will continue to communicate with BFI and update group. The Northwest Community Alliance voted against the BFI garbage transfer station. Ed to drop off drawings to Brock Green.

PATH Update                                        Ed Akins                The PATH map presented showed a comprehensive plan for cycling trails in and around Atlanta which include a segment through The ARTery that runs through GA Tech and down Lucky Street. The funding for the trails has been secured, but there are no definitive plans on how and when the funding will be spent. June Mundy added that there might be funds available under the Quality of Life Bond Referendum, that’s administered by council district. June offered to pull information from her file and get it to Ed.   

Belt-Line Presentation                      Ryan Gravel          Helen Robinson from Cathy Woolard’s office was also is attendance. The plan makes use of old and functional railway corridors as a mass transit loop around the city of Atlanta. The loop has 45 stations that link with MARTA. The type of transit system has not yet been determined.

Summary is on the web at:

On Monday, MARTA began a two-year feasibility study that includes the proposed C line. The study will include public meetings. Ed to e-mail the MP member list to Helen Robinson and she will notify us of meeting dates.

Currently, there is no one portion of the loop with construction priority.

A group of GA Tech students are also working on a plan to move railroad freight outside of Atlanta and closer to the industry it services. This would free up the existing freight lines for mass transit.  

It has not been determined if the project would be used to move existing population or to encourage new urban development.

It was apparent that any efforts we make may be included in the study and could garner support for the Master Plan project as a whole. The West Side is more difficult to define due to the use of existing rail lines, less lines, if any have been abandoned in our area. A network of systems on our side could possibly complete the system in areas where it becomes impossible to utilize rail lines in continuous use.


English Ave Update             Rev. Beckman/June Mundy

Per Rev. Beckman, there is a LCI study underway for Simpson and Jones corridors.

There was a commitment by our two organizations to communicate on shared issues and concerns.

See the article by Camille Goswick at



Home Park Update                                               Moved to 2/6 meeting.