Meeting Minutes MSAA Master Plan Commitee

Thursday, Feb 6/2003 25 Puritan Mill 5PM


Land Use Committee Bill Gould The decision was made to combine the Land Use Committee with the ARTery Master Plan Committee (AMPC).

 Salvation Army Coart Johnson and Brent Pope There was a quick review of the grievances discussed at the 1/29/03 Marietta Street ARTery Association (MSAA) meeting. OPERATIONAL ISSUES

  •      Loitering
  •    Noise, especially at 7 am when the transition program ends
  •    People sleeping on the ground/ in cars on SA property and adjacent properties
  •    Poor response from SA management staff when local residence phone with issues
  •      Grease on Parker Street
  •     Public urination
  •       Numerous cars parked illegally along Mills Street
  •       Inadequate grounds maintenance

 An operational action plan will be presented at the 2/27 MSAA meeting and address these same issues at Means Street facility.



  •     Plant trees along sidewalks
  •       Remove the fence around the parking area
  •       Upgrade the Marietta Street entrance
  •      Include a security station at the Marietta Street entrance
  •       Improve the landscaping around the parking area
  •       Widen the sidewalk along Mills Street and incorporate trees
  •       Install outdoor lighting for increased security and enhanced ambience

 An update on street address issues will be presented at the 2/27 MSAA meeting.


Closing Feb 11

Zoning Review Board April 3&10

Zoning Committee May 2 for parking exception

City Council May 5

 David Green offered to research if The Atlanta Mission has been granted a special use permit.

Home Park Update Bob Cain A meeting has been scheduled for The Home Park Implementation Plan Committee for 5 p.m. on February 19, 2003 at Urban Realty Partners. This group will decide how to meet the goals of The HP Master Plan. All are welcome.

Next AMPC Meeting February 20, 2003 5 p.m. Urban Realty Partners, Puritan Mill, located at 950 Lowery Blvd NW.