Meeting Minutes - Artery Master Plan + West Side Task Force

March 26/2003


West Side Task Force - Will meet the third Wednesday of each month to discuss issue that relate to both The Marietta Street Artery and Home Park. The categories of shared interest include transportation, connectivity and land use.

For tactical purposes we are looking at slicing The Artery into 3 segments - North, Mid (which overlaps with Home Park) and South. These names could change. Ed will work to modify our map to reflect these designations.

English Avenue – Curt will attend an English Avenue Neighborhood Association meeting. He will also look into securing an updated copy of the English Ave Redevelopment Plan to ensure that The Artery planning links with those of English Avenue.

City Planning Meeting – Curt volunteered to organize a meeting with the city planners, through Commissioner Michael Dobbins to secure their buy-in and support.

Georgia Conservancy Workshop – It was decided that we would apply for The Community Design Workshop sponsored by The Georgia Conservancy and a component of The Blueprints for Successful Communities Initiative. This is a 9-week program that works with members of the community to develop a “blueprint” for future growth. Home Park went through this program in 1998 as a precurser to their Master Plan process. Ed volunteered to invite Susan Kidd to make a presentation at an upcoming Land Use Committee meeting.

Business Community Subcommittee – We discussed the possibility of developing a subcommittee to focus on local business needs and opportunities. There were no volunteers to head the committee.

Georgia Tech Power Station – Scott Levitan made a presentation on the power station planned for North Avenue behind the Means Street complex. All questions and concerns should be send to Curt. He will compile the information and draft a letter to Scott.

Land Use Committee Meeting – Formerly the Artery Master Plan Committee will meet the first Wednesday of each month to discuss issues specific to The Artery and our Master Plan.