Meeting Minutes - Artery Master Plan + Land Use Committee

April 09/2003


Winter Properties – John Reagan to invite Bob Silverman of Winter Properties to make a presentation at a West Side Task Force Committee meeting regarding development of distressed properties and multi-unit dwellings within the area.

Georgia Aquarium/World of Coke – Michael Koblentz of the Northwest Community Alliance received a letter from Coke stating that we will not be receiving information on the environmental and traffic impact studies until this information is announced publicly.

English Avenue – Curt attended a meeting with Councilmen Ivory Young and 4 members of the English Avenue Neighborhood Association. We can receive a copy of the English Avenue Redevelopment Plan after the current rework is complete. This will allow The Artery initiatives to link with those of English Avenue. Ivory Young’s office to provide map with boundaries of English Avenue neighborhood and The Marietta Street Artery. Curt and John Reagan have volunteered to attend future English Avenue Neighborhood meetings. Reverend Beckham will be copied meeting notes.