Meeting Minutes - Artery Master Plan + West Side Task Force

April 23/2003


Historic District Designation – Suzanne to contact Richard Cloues of the Historic Preservation Division and request information on the properties included in the proposed Howell Interlocking Historic District.

Georgia Aquarium/World of Coke – The traffic and environmental studies should be made public at the end of May or beginning of June. After reviewing the study, we will respond along with the other surrounding neighborhood associations.

Winter Properties – Bob Silverman, Julie LaPore, Carl Meinhardt –

Presentation on Ellsworth Village –
? Located at Marietta Blvd and Elaine Avenue on 12 acres of virgin land
? 260 units in total – 125 condos plus 135 townhomes w/ two car garage
? Selling price - $200,000 +
? Includes a small amount of commercial space
? Industrial design
? Proposed summer ’03 ground breaking
? First phase of 82 condos and 42 townhomes, 8-9 month completion
? Two additional phases to follow.

Hand on Atlanta – Moving to 600 Means Street

Market on Means - Will continue, but mostly outdoors. Next Market is scheduled for May 2,3 and 4.

West Side Task Force – Bob Cain, John Reagan and Ed Akins to work on an agenda to take us through the next few months. Scott Levitan has requested a few moments at the next meeting to read a selection from The Wills of Julius Brown.


May 7, 2003 – Marietta Street Land Use Committee (formerly the Artery Master Plan Committee)

May 21, 2003 – The West Side Task Force – combined meeting of the members of the former Artery Master Plan Committee and The Home Park Master Plan Committee.

The meetings will be hosted by Urban Realty Partners located at Puritan Mill, 950 Lowery Blvd (formerly Ashby Street) from 5pm to 6:30pm.