June 20, 2003


Project: Upper Westside LCI Application/Study

The Marietta Street Artery Association (MSAA) and the Home Park Community Improvement Association (HPCIA) invite your firm to submit a proposal to provide consulting services for the referenced project. The scope of the work includes working with a Joint Task Force established by the Associations to create a redevelopment plan for an area extending from Centennial Olympic Park to Huff Road and Marietta Boulevard along Marietta Street, Northside Drive, and Howell Mill Road. The area is generally bounded by Centennial Place, Georgia Tech, and the Home Park neighborhood on the east; Northside Drive and Marietta Boulevard on the west; and Huff Road on the north. The specific boundary will be determined during the development of the application.

Under the guidelines developed by the Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC), the selection of the study consultant must be open and competitive. Therefore, we are not in a position to guarantee the consultant selected for the application work will automatically be selected for the study.

Proposals should be received by the end of business (5:00 pm) on Friday, June 27 in the office of Urban Realty Partners. Proposal should be in Acrobat format attached to an e-mail addressed to John Reagan ( and followed by hard copy in the mail. (The hard copy need not be received by the deadline.) We would like to hold interviews on Wednesday, July 2, 2003 between 5:00 pm and 7:00 pm.

Please include the following in your proposal:
1. Relevant background of your firm
2. Proposed personnel and their experience and qualifications
3. Fee and expenses for coordinating the preparation of the application
4. Fee and expenses for executing the study in accordance with ARC policies

General information regarding the area can be found at the MSAA web site ( Any questions should be directed to John Reagan at 404.564.1254.