Meeting Minutes MSAA Master Plan

Thursday, Oct 24/2002 25 Puritan Mill 5PM


In Attendance:
John Reagan
Ed Akins
Suzanne Bair
Bill Seay
Michael Lott
David Hamilton
Eric Brock
Bill Gould
Frances Hamilton

The results of our work should enable change…that is our focus

Voiced concern over the lack of residential participation along Marietta Corridor.

Clarified borders and the reason for the current configuration of the Artery Association’s limits. Basically the parallel streets along Marietta were viewed as the boundary for our immediate area. The zone is viewed as a linear series of nodes or neighborhoods which have Marietta Street in common. Mentioned that actually there is good residential membership, however a majority is business.

Association began…1990
The late Lewis Brown of Winter Properties hosted monthly meetings on Means Street
100’s on email list however only 50 active members (volunteered dues)
Membership seems weak on the CNN side of the corridor.
Residential membership may need to be increased.

Mike mentioned how his experience on Marietta St (560 Mar.) gave him insight into how difficult it will be to work with zoning along the corridor.

Asked to confirm that an impact study is not a predicated step to institute change.
– it is not -

Dialogue to include large players:
GA Tech
NW Corridor (NCA)
Atlantic Station
Winter Construction

Resources include:
Ga Tech (Campus master-plan and student work)
Home Park (Shared Data)
Midtown Blueprint (Shared Data)
Central Atlanta Progress – CAP study for the CBD
Jones Alexander redevelopment

Georgia Tech plans to abandon Tech Parkway. This will send increased traffic to our corridor. We need to plan for this and work with GT to develop an appropriate transition.

An initial idea for an “at grade” intersection for North Avenue and Marietta St. was mentioned.

Northside Drive to Atlantic Station then becomes a big issue…also the North Side Drive Corridor study and Studies by CAP 2 years ago for this area.

Desire to have a voice in how the Artery develops…
LCI Grant defined:

Livable Communities Initiative- Atlanta Regional Commission adopts the results of LCI studies. We produce a concise outline of what our community desires in terms of future development of the Artery. We submit this information. We get funding to do the appropriate studies and documentation to support our desires. Once approved as a viable master plan for development with a concise community outline…funding is sought which allows implementation of the plan.
A livable community is one which exists at a transit node or along a transit corridor. We will seek to define our area of study as a transit corridor.

The current lawsuit over the Northern Arc (2.4 Billion dollars) is holding up funding for all road improvements…

It is thought that our only two representatives for this area are Starnes and Ivory…

November is the next deadline for LCI grant applications. Dan Rauter (spelling) with ARC can provide information on LCI applications and a time table for when they are due.

On Northside Drive there was a transit site purchased for $10 million but it has not materialized.
GRTA meeting on the 28th (Monday) that she will attend. Believes no new topics only a presentation of what has been decided. 12 initiatives narrowed down to 3 or 5 schemes…

Goals for the MAA-MPC should be to define the corridor … seek and identity …and to define the quality and character of our environment.

Sitting on the Regional Land Use committee he has heard the following:
1. Corridors are the only way out of the mess we are in
2. Transit options are needed
3. Condensation of projects into corridors
4. Uses come to the street…
5. Linear studies...less nodal zones in isolation

Mentioned we should check to see if Mar. St. is a state hwy….if so we can expect even more delay in the process due to additional jurisdictions.

LCI - 3 months for application requirements to be collected is brisk but possible viewing our email and member base…

Proposed increase in the boundaries of the artery.

Linear corridor is enough but we can use the increased area as additional zones

A linear corridor is plenty to deal with … use the additional area as “Greater Marietta St. Corridor” and show how our decisions impact those neighborhoods.

Study is Linear along the corridor with Nodes of interest and density. Also linkages E-W encourage these nodes. We could break up our study into phases to implement some change faster to keep up with current developments that are already on-line (Aquarium as the main example)

Points of interest along corridor could reinforce planning

Presented a large scale plan of the Artery area with developments under construction or proposed/ completion dates for these projects / and a scenario for a light rail system to run along the rail tracks that could feed into the GRTA Light Rail Ring which may or may not be instituted along existing rail lines around the city. Also highlighted were nodes and their adjacent communities/attractions. All in attendance agreed that this would be a good addition to our study and could be overlaid on our master plan.

In the interim:
EA checking on School Districts
EB checking on Zoning????
SB checking on congressional districts
FH checking on NPU’s

EA JR met to clearly define connections E/W and to define the character of our central node GT/ARTS from Northside Dr. to North Avenue. Discussed connections to Georgia Tech and re-establishing connections to the West side of the tracks.

Established file download area and posted updates

Attended GRTA and reported on the meeting

File naming protocol established.