meeting minutes and downloads - MSAA Master Plan dev

existing and proposed codes

draft: proposal for implementing new Home Park West Side zoning regulations.pdf
(contact Robert Cain for further info and developments )
City of Atlanta existing codes :
LW (live work).pdf
MR (multi-family residential) .pdf
MRC (mixed residential commercial).pdf

meeting Thursday, Nov7/2002 25 Puritan Mill 5PM

In Attendance:
Robert Cain, Nicholas Storke, John Reagan, Ed Akin, Suzanne Bair, Bill Seay, Michael Lot, David Hamilton, Eric Brock, Bill Gould, Frances Hamilton

Agenda 1- Ga Tech presentation by Scott Levitan

1. City of Atlanta road abandonment (following 1997 Ga Tech MP)

a. Main Campus: Ponders Ave., Plum Street, McAfee Street and Ponders Ave. to be closed to aid in space adjustments and new buildings for psychology building, health Center etc.

b. a new South Campus is being generated:  Lambert Street, Techway Drive, Strong St. and Grey Street will become a new complex of Tech buildings including, FoodPak, High Voltage Power research lab, and a new Georgia Power sub station to support the research lab.

c. Georgia Tech MP History:

· Planners (on site): Capitol Planning and Space Management Office (see for more info.)

· Facilitators, Consultants: WRT

· 1960s-70’s: suburban vision (tech parkway etc.) that is failing to be useful today.

d. Abandonment of Tech Parkway is at least 2-5 years away

e. Master plan for Tech shows demolition and abandonment of Marietta St buildings and relocates Facility Management to an area near Means Street.  Our concern was expressed clearly on all of these issues.

2. It was agreed by all that Northside Drive and Marietta Street need vision, no-one is really doing this now,  and that the Artery needs to provide this or Ga Tech most certainly will.

3. Ga Tech’s representative (Scott Levitan) was invited to attend all master planning meetings for the Artery.

4. The Artery master planning committee agreed that the proposed street closings for Ga Tech would have little to no impact on our efforts or on the quality of life along the corridor.  WE approved the motion to accept closings with the provision that there will be immediate increased neighborhood involvement and association in the development of the GT Master Plan.

Agenda 2- Home Park  presentation by Robert Cain (also see top of page)

1. Draft 01Zoning Ordinances for implementation of Home Park Master Plan in Artery area.

a. Model ordinances for streetscapes, density etc.

b. Similar to proposed Special Public Interest -1 (SPI-1) Downtown Livability Code.

c. Model code is powerful MRC- (Mixed Residential Commercial)

· Referred to as “C2 zoning on steroids”

· live/work etc; urban livability

Agenda 3- Artists permanent space

1.Precedent: Art Space program in Minnesota

2. Tax credits for allowing artists to live in designated spaces

3. Present enterprise zoning provides 30-40% low income but not specifically to artists.

4. Local example: Telephone Company Lofts- but not perm. and will most likely be no more when it turns to condo.

Agenda 4- Meeting with John Reagan and Atlanta City Councilmember Ivory Young

1. With a degree in Architecture and Planning, Councilmember Young thinks AMP is a great idea and has no problem with the Greater Marietta St .Corridor Boundaries extending into the English Ave NPU area.

Agenda 5- Area Demographics to Artery Map project (continuing)

1.Eric Brock:
NEW: City Council Boundaries

2. Ed Atkins:
COMPLETE: Greater MSAA Boundaries, Nodes, Light Rail,
NEW: School Districts, House District, County Board of Education Districts

3. Frances Hamilton:
COMPLETE: Neighborhood Boundaries, NPU's
NEW: Precinct Boundaries, Senate District, County Commission District

4. John Lewis is the Congressperson for our entire area so this does not have to be explicitly mapped.