MAP 01 Greater & original Artery NPU's
MAP 02 Greater Artery and surrounding traditional residential
MAP 03 Greater Artery buildings and NPU's; black are documented on this site-SEE large scale historical building location map for clickable information.
MAP 04 Greater Artery NPU's and Home Park Master Plan
MAP 06 Greater Artery NPU's w/ Down Town SPI 13 /Livability Code boundaries.
MAP 07 Greater Artery NPU's w/ all overlapping plans.
MAP 05 Greater Artery and Georgia Tech Master Plans
Georgia Tech Sept 2001Update Master Plan; see for origins and more info

These are purposely high resolution images for the LCI work and will load slowly with a non broadband connection. Buildings in black are documented on this site - see historical maps for more information and links. Prepared by Frances Hamilton