Good Morning - I just wanted to give everyone a brief recap of the GRTA
meeting last night.

Held in Margaret Mitchell Elementary School
200+ people in attendance, mostly from the Moore's Mill Rd/Vinings/ Paces
Ferry Rd area
Fulton County Chairman Mike Kenn was in attendance at the request of his

-The purpose of the meeting was to give the members of the community an
opportunity to voice their opinions on the 11 GRTA alternatives and to give Chairman
Kenn an opportunity to voice his.
-3 community associations made formal presentations, Vining Home Owners
Association, West Paces Ferry Home Owners Associations and The Moore's Mill Road
-None of the Associations were in favor of any of the alternatives that
would place transit stations or light/heavy rail in their communities. Reasons for opposition included noise, devaluation of property values, environmental concerns, inflexibility and cost of a rail system and reduction of the current standard of living.
-Chairman Kenn supports rapid bus system, does not support rail systems.
-There was little opposition to the alternative for enhanced HOV express
buses or bus rapid transit as long as it did not include the widening of I-75 and
the plan addressed noise concerns.
-There was also no opposition to the heavy rail extension proposed for the
west side of town from Bankhead to Cumberland.
-The was much spirited conversation.
-GRTA did not make a presentation.
-GRTA's goal is to have the 11 alternatives narrowed down to 3 by January
2003, and the final alternative(s) selected by Spring 2003.
-There was conversation regarding the formation of a Northwest Corridor
Coalition of the affected/concerned communities.

My recommendation on our action plan - Contact GRTA with our neighborhood
concerns/recommendations/support outside of these regularly scheduled public
meetings. Stay in contact with this Northwest Corridor Coalition.

Let me know if you have any questions.



Georgia Regional Transportation Authority Meeting Report 10/28/2002;
Attended by Suzanne Bair