LCI (Living Centers Initiative) Application Workshop

Marietta Street Artery Association
Saturday, October 4, 9AM to 4PM
Proposed Agenda Outline



Presentation by EDAW

  1. Overview of the LCI application process
  2. Lessons from successful 2003 applications
  3. Overview LCI studies near Marietta Street

Group Discussion

Interactive discussion facilitated by EDAW

1. What is the study area?
2. What are the challenges for the area?
3. What are the assets of the area?

  • Categories to prompt discussion
    transportation/transit opportunities
    historic character

4. Who are the stakeholders in the area?

  • Categories to prompt discussion
    government partners
    civic organizations
    cultural institutions

5. What are emerging trends in growth/re-development in the area?

6. What parts of the area would you highlight?

  • Categories to prompt discussion
    historic buildings
    key intersections
    open spaces

7. How does this area fit into the city/regional context?

8. What are goals for the area?

Next Steps

EDAW recommendations combined with group discussion

1. Developing local government support

2. Organizing an outreach process

3. Setting procedures for review of draft materials

4. Collecting photos of the study area

5. Scheduling of additional workshops/meeting