The Atlanta Beltline 2005-2030    (25 year development period)

beltline2011 <---Jan-Feb 2011 NE, SE, SW, NWquadrants; Beltline walks with freshman class of GATech architecture, construction and city planning.


NW Quadrant Walk through the Artery on 12 Feb 2011:

Here are photos from the February 2011 NW Sector Walk through the Artery
Walk Path NW Quadrant:
Whole Beltline Walkpath: .kml map   with the Beltline (needs Google Earth).

MAP BELOW: Relationship of the Marietta Street Artery, Marta Transit Lines and the Beltline's lower NW quadrant (light green is the beltline path).
Civil War Flags are locations of commemorative plaques: Sherman invaded down the tracks from the Northwest.
Sara Huff lived on Huff Road, was 9 years old when Sherman invaded and later wrote a book available free on this site. Her home site is designated by the Northernmost pair of flags.


Up is North
Historic Districts (Pink)
Civil War Plaques (flags)
Location of Sara Huff's House (Northernmost flags)

Marta N-S Line (Red -Orange)
Marta E-W Line (Blue-Green)
Beltline present and future trails are light green.