Alan Joel/Mark Turner Building

National Register listed : None
Readaptive Use Developer:
Alan Joel Partners Real Estate
Readaptive Use Architect:
Cecil Alexander
(He was one of the principals of the architectural firm of FABRAB which is now Rosser International. They built the Southern Bell, Coca-Cola and Two Peachtree Tower. He is on his own now working part time.

Location: 962 Howell Mill Road
Original Builders :
Significant Dates :
1940's - construction of building
2001- readaptive use

Description of Architectural Classification : Utilitarian Light Industrial
Classical Materials: brick and concrete
Historic Functions: INDUSTRY:utilitarian industrial

Current Functions: Alan Joel Partners Real Estate
Developmental history / historic context : light industrial --more history to come.
Description of present and historic physical appearance: examine photo and drive through the area.

ABOVE: readapted in 2001
ABOVE: before readaptive use
ABOVE: before readaptive use
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