Dux / Winter New Development


ABOVE: Located in the mid Artery, Dux Development extends from the old Sherman Williams paint store pictured above to the present day post office .
From a telephone interview with Alan Schulman on 01/16/00:

Alan Schulman's family has lived and owned business in Atlanta "since the mid Artery was Bellwood, the American Movie Theatre (Dem.) was on the corner of Marietta and Means Street, and PJ Haleys Nest and Atlantic Steel were still around. This made for very lively streets." (See mid Artery.)

For this new Dux Development, Means Street is being re-extended (it was cut off in the early 1990's because of a perception of danger from the bums hanging out around the old Bankhead Bridge). Nexus, Winter Properties, The Block Candy Building, Allied Warehouse #2, The Academy Theatre and the new Dux Development will again be on a single street. Boss Street also leads to this complex of buildings presently under construction/renovation.

The Dux Mixture Tobacco (b.1916) at 590 Means Street and the adjoining old carriage house at 598 Means Street, are being adaptively reused as office space. From 1972-1996 Dux Hardware, owned and run by Alan Schulman's family, operated out of the Dux Mixture Tobacco building. They moved here from McMillian and Marietta Street where the business was created in 1957.

The building redesign makes the formal entry to the building on the side so that one enters on the first floor and takes an elevator up. More photos will be included here in the future.

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