LeCraw Development/Central Metals Recycling

National Register listed : none (north border is on King Plow Historic District)
Developers : Julian LeCraw & Co., Inc.
Architect : David Furman, North Carolina
Site Plan : Ecos Environmental Design

Location: Corner of Northside Drive and Marietta Street, Atlanta, GA 30318

Historic Functions: INDUSTRY:utilitarian industrial-metal recycling

Proposal (also see Artery land use meeting 01/23/2002) :

  • 450 A-Class apartments with 600-1,550 square feet each
  • 50-55% 1 bedroom units
  • 40-42% 2 bedroom units
  • 5-6 % 3 bedroom units
  • 9-10’ ceilings…fireplaces…garden tubs
  • 3 levels on street side, 4 levels on corners and railroad side
    will create 4 street blocks with pocket park
  • Complex will contain a swimming pool  and fitness
  • Conventional and open floor loft plan
  • 8,500 square feet of retail space
  • 16’-22’ distance to street including parallel parking, sidewalk
    & landscaping
  • Parallel parking along Marietta Street primarily for retail space
  • Covered parking garage, parallel and other parking within property
  • Exterior is a mix of brick, stucco, and siding
  • There has been an investigation completed regarding the
    environmental cleaning of the site
  • The existing utility poles will likely be removed
  • They are aware the “The surrender of Atlanta” happened across the street.

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